Have you tried a variety of whisky brands, and are looking for something from the East, with a bit of an exotic flair? If that’s the case, you have definitely come to the right place. You would be wise to try Suntory Whisky–a Japanese drink that is rich in history, quality production methods and, of course, flavor.

To help you make your selection, and just so you’re in the know: we’ve put together a bit of background about Suntory Whisky and included a couple of fantastic sweet and savory pairing suggestions. Are you ready? Here we go!

History of Suntory Whisky

Shinjiro Torii created the Japanese beverage, Suntory Whisky. Yes, that’s whisky without the “e,” spelled similar to the Scottish, rather than its popular Irish or American counterparts.

As a teenager, Torii worked as an apprentice in a pharmaceutical store that also carried liquor. This is where he had the opportunity to develop a distinct passion for quality whisky.

Inspired by the Scottish versions, Torii desired to create a whisky specifically bent to the Japanese experience. He managed to do this by insisting it be made in a climate, and a geographical atmosphere, in complete contrast to that of Scotland.

In doing so, he carefully chose the region of Yamazaki in 1923 for its pristine 3 joining rivers, and its soft and high quality water. It was here, he believed, the region would allow him to develop a whisky that was finer than what was traditionally made in Scotland.

Investing extensive time, hard work, talent, and much of his family fortune—and after enduring an initial poor reception— Torii succeeded in creating a whisky that is, to this day, not only loved in Japan, but highly appreciated worldwide.

His passion, determination, and creative experimentation has delivered a whisky product that through Suntory International, has, by far, managed to withstand the test of time.

For more historical background about this fine Japanese whisky, check out their extensive website at www.Suntory.com

Now, to get you started, here are a few great pairing ideas—both sweet and savory—for Suntory Whisky:

Savory Suntory Whisky Pairings

• Try a quality Ribeye Steak, covered in sautéed mushrooms, with Suntory Whisky. It’s the perfect, and delicious, balance of elegant flavors.

• Consider sampling a Camembert Cheese tray with Suntory Whisky. It’s delicious and full of texture, and flavor contrasts.

• A spicy tandoori chicken may not seem like a match for Suntory Whisky, but it’s a delicious experience—power packed with flavor and intensity.

• For a different kind of barbecue, smoked ribs etc., Suntory Whisky will surprise your guests and delight their senses. We promise.

Dessert Suntory Whisky Pairings

Don’t be afraid to combine a decadent dessert with a quality whisky. Suntory Whisky paired with a slice ( Or two. Go Ahead and indulge. We won’t tell) of rich chocolate cake is remarkable. Yes, really.

If you’re not in the mood for cake, try biting into squares of rich, quality dark chocolate between sips of Suntory Whisky. An incredible experience!

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