So, you’re planning on going out for dinner to enjoy a fresh, authentic Japanese meal, but you’re wondering what drinks pair well with sushi. It might not be what you think. One might assume a traditional Japanese beverage like sake would do the trick, but, surprisingly, it might not be the wisest choice. 

Pairing a delicious rice-based dish with a rice-based beverage—like sake— is, to many, a bit too much. Of course taste—like beauty—is in the eye, or tastebuds, of the beholder. So, if you enjoy sake with sushi, or prefer a cola, or an ice tea, go for it. We promise: There is no pairing police to argue you’re wrong. 

However, for your convenience, we’ve created a short list of popular sushi beverage pairings that should hit the dining high notes. 

A Little Sushi History 

Sushi is prepared with vinegared rice and often filled with vegetables and/or meats and seafood. It’s often confused with sashimi, which is quite a different dish made of raw fish. 

Traditionally, sushi is served on simple wooden plates, creating a minimalist presentation. It is typically offered with condiments like wasabi, ginger, and a small serving of soy sauce for dipping. Sushi is traditionally eaten with the hands—rather than with chopsticks—even in formal dining settings. 

Drinks that Go with Sushi 

Beer with Sushi

Japanese lagers are a popular sushi pairing. They offer a crisp contrast to the sushi, similar to the ginger condiment 

If you aren’t looking for a Japanese lager, try beers like Pilsners, or even Budweiser, with sushi—instead of heavier, darker beers like a stout. Remember: The lighter the beer, the more the sushi flavors are complemented, rather than overpowered. 

Wine with Sushi

wine and food

If you prefer a glass of wine with your sushi, try a Riesling—especially with a spiced tuna roll. This is a dry, crisp, white German wine that will complement the dish beautifully. 

Or how about albacore with Chardonnay? The match is perfect! 

You can even go all out and enjoy a glass of sparkling champagne. Not just for celebrations, the bubbly, chilled beverage of champagne compliments sushi to a remarkable level. Try it! You’ll be delightfully surprised. 

Cocktails with Sushi

If you’re not in the mood for beer or wine, and cocktails are calling your name, choose a drink that will not compete with the sushi dish. Think light. Your best choices for cocktails are those created with a blend of ginger. 

Non Alcoholic Pairings

Try a lovely, and light, green tea with your sushi roll. It’s a simple and delightful pairing.

For a bit of the bubbly, without alcohol, consider pairing your sushi dish with a glass of cold Ginger Ale. There’s a reason ginger is served as your sushi condiment. It’s always a good pairing. Besides, the light bubbly beverage of Ginger Ale is a non alcoholic match made in sushi heaven. 

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