Pan-Asian food offers diners a wide range of cultural flavors and exotic options from across the entire continent. 

With Pan-Asian cuisine, it’s important to note that Asia is divided into 5 distinct regions. Each region has food similarities and differences depending on the specific culture, available resources, and traditions from their unique area. 

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So, if you’re curious about more than just standard fried rice and Egg Flower Soup, and want to know about a far wider variety of Pan Asian dishes, here’s a list of the 5 main regions and some of the most popular foods from each one. 

  • East Asian Cuisine 
    Some of the most popular East Asian food regions are from China, Korea and Japan. While rice is a staple ingredient for each, spices, meat preparation, and cooking methods vary greatly upon locale.  Chinese foods include soy, rice, tofu, and noodles. With a long history of medicinal uses, traditional Chinese food has highly influenced cuisine throughout all of Asia.  In Korean cooking, you’ll find ample ingredients of rice, soy, garlic, red pepper flakes, ginger, and legumes.  Beef is a treasured ingredient in Korean cooking.  Japanese foods include plenty of seafood, rice, tempura, noodles, and their much-loved miso soup. 
  • Southeast Asian Cuisine
    Foods from the nations of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia are from the Southeast region of Asia.  Some of the staple ingredients from these nations are rice and fresh vegetables.  In Vietnam, the food is strongly influenced by an interest in health traditional Chinese medicine. Here, you’ll find plenty of rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, lemongrass, and Thai basil. Thailand’s cuisine is also highly influenced by China. Think intense aroma and spice, with contrasting flavors and textures, intermittently served with rice. In Cambodia, meals often include multiple dishes with a wide variance of textures and flavors—keeping the diner delighted with contrasting bursts of both subtle and intensity of taste. 
  • Central Asian Cuisine
    This region Includes the nation of  Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. While their food is not as popular as other Asian cuisines, it does have its own distinct cultural originality.  Mutton and dairy are primary staples in Kazakhstan. And in Tajikistan, you’ll find pilaf and Kabuli Pulao—a flavorful dish made with rice, meat, carrot, turnip, olive oil, and delicious pan drippings. 
  • South Asian Cuisine
    This region includes India and Pakistan. Spicy foods, rice, lamb, vegetables, yogurt-based sauces, and curry are prominent here.  Roti (a tortilla like flat bread) is common in both nations. Without a doubt: There’s never a lack of flavor, or spice, with South Asian cooking. 
  • West Asian Cuisine
    Here you’ll find dishes from nations like Turkey and Syria. Commonly used Ingredients in these nations are lamb, yogurt, and rice. Robustly flavored meals are especially savored. 


In Turkey, dishes tend to revolve around rice, meats (especially lamb) fresh vegetables—like eggplant— and olive oil.  In Syria, you’ll typically find meals created with ingredients like olive oil, fresh lemon, garlic, chickpeas, mint, honey, and lamb. 

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