4 SoFlo businesses offer stress-free, A-plus savings for teachers ahead of new school year

Forget the cafeteria food. Casa Sensei in Fort Lauderdale knows you can’t teach on an empty tummy!

Victor Diaz: “Here at Casa Sensei, we wanted to give a shout out, we wanted to say thank you to all those individuals that are teaching our kids by offering a teachers-only, a 20% discount on their check, and also a complimentary house wine or beer.”

Craving fried rice or noodles? Get ’em both because the savings apply to everything on the menu!

Now that’s what I call extra credit!

Victor Diaz: “They’re gonna get a fantastic deal when they come to Casa Sensei.”

Taking advantage of these deals is easy. All you gotta do is show your teacher’s ID at each spot.

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